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inmymcdreams; you stood there with me in the doorway

You pull me in and I’m a little more brave

tickle monster.
addison forbes montgomery, apples to apples, being ~dazzled~, big-ole-saps-filled-with-awesome!sauce, blue shirts, bumper stickers, cheese, cincinnati bengals lol, coca-cola, cows, dorm food, elephants, enchanted!idina, facebook, flaily-aim-convos-with-becky, green elphaba, hand motions, i'm chuck bass, idina menzel's laugh, idina the storyteller, jack/juliet, jears, juliet burke, kate walsh, katy perry, latenight squeefests, loreal, lucky charms, madame blueberry, mcsteamy trumps mcdreamy, moshing at warped tour, nastia & shawn, ninja!hamsters, ninja!juliet, ocd, odd numbers, schruting it, senor bale, serena van der woodsen, shawn/michael, slap game commissioner, snaps, suit up, taylor swift, the tollbooth!laugh, udf ice cream, unicorns, women in rubber